The Fifth Element Project

A comic series about Climate Change!
In 2018, Foresight Comics launched the Fifth Element Comic, a project aimed at climate change awareness.
The creative team on the title includes Mwelwa Musonko, Nikita Ivy Vlahakis
and Matotelo Musonda.
Contributing artists on the project include Jarell Thompson.


The series is expected to run for three years from the launch date, 4th May 2018. A new issue will be released every three months from the launch date. The series is expected to be completed in 12 issues.

The print version of the books will be distributed for free to school goers. Foresight Comics expects to visit at least one school from each of the provinces in Zambia to educate on climate change and distribute the comic books for free. Each school visit will be timed with the release of a new issue. We expect to distribute at least 1000 books with each school visit.

A digital edition will be made available for free download on and be exclusive to the Foresight Comics website. Download the Zero issue from our free comics window or just hit the following link

For outreach, besides the official Foresight Comics Facebook page the comic book’s protagonist Quin Ence is on Facebook and her account is and she’s admin of her community page One Earth an initiative she begun in the book for climate change awareness!

Foresight Comics also publishes a “write-to-us” segment in this title, where followers of the Fifth Element can reach us via email here Followers who wish to see their emails printed have to include “OK TO PRINT” to their emails. We aim to stay interactive throughout the project.

The backers of this project currently include the German Embassy to Zambia @GermanyinZambia (Twitter).

Current partners include Girls Unite Empowerment (Facebook).

The Fifth Element Comic Launch 2018 (Lusaka International Community School LICS and Lusaka Comic Con LsCon)

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