Deutsche Welle TV Interviews Mwelwa Musonko over The Fifth Element Comic

World renowned television network Deutsche Welle (DW for short) recently spoke with Foresight Comics Chief Creative Officer and Founder Mwelwa Musonko (aka Tax) over his work as a climate activist cartoonist.

In July 2018, Mwelwa worked with Clean Energy Wire and, two German organizations dedicated to reporting on Germany’s transition towards a low-carbon, nuclear free economy and climate change, where he illustrated on the Energiewende (Germany’s Energy Transition) and climate facts.

Before that, Tax had successfully launched the Fifth Element comic, a project that is supported by the German Embassy to Zambia.

The Fifth Element, Mwelwa and Foresight Comics’ second published book, is a comic-book that follows a 14 year old Zambian girl Quin (Superhero alias Quintessa) who has set out to educate the masses about climate change and its effects. She immediately assumes the responsibility of protecting earth realm against the dreadful Elementals, four celestial beings bent on obliterating mankind through accelerated climate change as a penance for their crimes against the environment.

The Fifth Element is a great mix of education and swashbuckling adventure that is generally seen as a new and effective way of sharing information as comic books tend to be interactive. The creator, Tax, further explains that the comics simplify complex subjects such as climate change, making it easily understandable even for children.

Other than the print comics being distributed for free, a free downloadable PDF is available online on our website

For further outreach, the comic book character herself Quin is on social media where she’s a climate activist and comic book readers can interact with her in real life. Her social media handles are @Quin.ence.7 (Facebook) @iam_quintessa (Instagram) and @quin_ence on Twitter.

The initiative continues to grow popularity and in its latest account, DW TV Interviewed Mwelwa Musonko over the project.

The interview is set to be online on DW TVs Eco@Africa show on the 14th of September, 2018 and will air on television later. Deutsche Welle also prepared a short gallery showcasing some of Mwelwa’s work online. It can be viewed here

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