Happy World Earth Day: Foresight Comics presents The Fifth Element Comic!

When I first wrote this book, the UN had announced a climate change competition where participants were expected to submit a comic about climate change that they would publish today someplace in European galleries. When the book was complete, I then realized just how much social impact this book will have and decided we would publish it ourselves instead. For Zambia first then the world next – Mwelwa Musonko.

This book follows a 14 year old tenth grader Quin Ence, who discovers she is the descendant of the fifth elemental Quintessence and she’s the embodiment of the fifth element, The Ether. Quin finds that her direct responsibility is to save the world from accelerated climate change a result of the elementals Udina (water), Sylph (air), Gnomus (earth) and Vulcanus (fire), who have been set loose onto the earth by the Mukula Council to see to mankind’s extinction. “The Council, an entity bound by ancient laws to preserve order and balance held that any power unchecked would threaten the very fabric of the universe… and in much recent times, Old Tree (The Mukula Council) has turned its gaze towards the planet earth…” the story goes. The council elucidates that mankind have always threatened the prevalence of life on earth. Recent inventions have left the earth so scarred it’s dying… and the only way for life to continue is if man were completely eradicated. The earth being forged in the likeness of the Council’s ruthless enforcers (the elementals of the water, air, earth and fire elements), it is vulnerable to their judgement. And only one person stands in their way… a girl… she’s 14 and she knows nothing about being a superhero.

Quin quickly realizes that she cannot save the world on her own. She starts a social club that she calls One Earth. One Earth strives to bring people together and to educate the masses on the reality of climate change. She believes that mankind will have to work together to fight back. “Climate Change is real!! Plant trees… save the world for future generations” her mandate goes. Quin also starts One Earth social media fan pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the handle @OnEarth to further promulgate her cause. “Foresight Comics will create these social media accounts so that the character can literally interact with the world and try to positively impact it”.

In cliche superhero fashion, Quin keeps her superhero alter ego a secret to protect those she cares for. She becomes Quin, climate change activist/ambassador for One Earth and at the same time, Quintessa/Quintessence the Fifth Element, a superhero who fights the dreadful Elementals, multinationals, social injustice and climate change.

The Fifth Element will be launched on the 4th of May 2018, at the Lusaka Arts Festival at LICS (Lusaka International Community School). Foresight Comics will the continue this launch at this year’s LsCON (Lusaka Comic Con) on the 5th of May, at the American Dome in the showgrounds.

We are aiming for social impact with this book and the good news is that we will be giving out the prints for free. A limited number of prints will be handed out in schools across Zambia and public places. The same issue will be made available for free download on the Foresight Comics website. The series will span for three years, having a total of 12 issues with each issue being released every three months.

We expect to be partnering with a good number of organizations to make sure this project runs smoothly.

The initial creative team on the Fifth Element comic include Matolelo Musonda and Nikita Vlahakis led by illustrator and Foresight Comics Chief Creative Officer Mwelwa Musonko. Mwelwa further explains that its possible to see other creatives jump on to the project as it progresses and a possible shifting of roles.

Foresight hopes we have the Worlds support as we embark on our journey towards changing the world for the better if not saving it.



The hashtags are #IsupportZambianComics #TheFifthElementComic #ClimateChangeisreal #SustainableDevelopment #FutureGenerations #OnEarth

#EarthDay #WorldEarthDay #ClimateChange

The Fifth Element Comic issue 00 cover preview
The Fifth Element issue 00 page 1 preview
The Fifth Element issue 00 page 2 preview
The Fifth Element issue 00 page 4 preview
The Fifth Element issue 00 page 13 preview
The Fifth Element issue 00 page 14 preview

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